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  • Why Shadow Looks Like Sonic

    Find out a popular theory as to Why Shadow Looks Like Sonic and how the developers.

  • Defending SA2's Treasuring Hunting

    Discover why I still enjoy Sonic Adventure 2's Treasure Hunting levels why they are not as bad as people claim.

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    Find out what is the definitive keyblade tier list for Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix and its remasters.

Shin Megami Tensei IV (Citra): FIEND Red Rider | Reverofenola

    This is my boss fight against the FIEND known as Red Rider found in Shin Megami Tensei IV on my Neutral path played on normal mode. This fight is rare for a few reasons. The first being that this is a FIEND boss fight meaning that the player has roughly 1/256 chance of even encountering this bad boy. The second reason is that this is one of the few FIEND boss fights which is exclusive to an alignment path with the other one being Trumpeter (who is only found on Neutral & Law paths).

Location & How To Fight Him

    As mentioned before this fight is exclusive to an alignment route (in this case Neutral) & can only be found after you acquired the ID card Lv3 from fighting all 4 Devas in the Tokyo Pass Quest. The player then has to take the elevator of Kasumigaeseki (the elevator to the most left after you enter the area from the map) & run to the door at the far end of the hallway to fight Red Rider. Be warned that you will need 100 in your luck stat in order to even open the door.  

    The player will then have to save outside the elevator & keep running back and forth until they receive the message above in order to fight him. Reminder that this fight has a 1/256 chance of occurring so it will take a long while before he pops up. Each time he does not show up load up your save slot from outside the elevator. This is because FIENDS only have a chance of popping up everytime the player loads up a save slot.

Preparation & Fight


    Before you actually fight this FIEND be sure to come prepared. Have several demons in your party have access to buffs/debuffs, Bufu skills, healing skills, & even Endure/Enduring Soul too. 
    Red Rider is weak to Bufu skills hence why it's really useful to have several of your party members have access to it since it gives the player more press turns. When it comes to debuffing him, one should only debuff to "-2" instead of "-3" since that would trigger him into using Dekunda (just like with all Fiends). Though the player can buff themselves to +3. That is IF Red Rider will allow them to since he uses a lot of War Cries & Antichthons.

    Another important factor to keep in mind is to have at least 1 (maybe 2) demons who can absorb Agi skills. This way Red Rider will potentially lose press turns every time they use Trisagion or Maragidyne on the party. Be warned that you should NOT bring a full party who is immune to Agi skills otherwise he will go into an almighty spam which will NOT be good especially since he has six press turns. In addition, Red Rider is already much well known to spam Antichthons already even without this trigger.

    Other skills which would be useful would be Healingknowhow & Endure & Enduring Soul, & Invitation. Healingknowhow is a skill which gives the demon access to all of the player's items. Items which include Dekunda/Dekaja stones, Mp restoring items, & even HP/revival items too. All of which would be really beneficial to demons who do not have a very large MP pool to begin with (like Metatron or Surt) but instead have a large HP pool. Endure/Enduring Soul are also cool skills to have since they revive your demon immediately after they get killed. Plus, Invitation allows the demon to bring back a demon who has died & bring them back into the party all for just one turn.


    If the player manages to defeat Red Rider based on the tips above they will then be rewarded x10 Incenses for EVERY stat. They will then be able to fuse Red Ride in the Cathedral of Shadows. Though they will already have needed to defeated other Fiends (particularly Whiter Rider & Matador).  

    I hope this guide & YouTube video was helpful in your quest in fighting all of the Fiends in this game. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well as my walkthrough of all of the bosses found in Shin Megami Tensei IV too!


Sonic Unleashed (PS3): Chun-Nan Day (Dragon Road Act 5 DLC) [S rank] | Reverofenola

Sonic Unleashed (PS3): Chun-Nan Day (Dragon Road Act 5 DLC) [S rank] | Reverofenola
The final DLC act for Chun-Nan Day. This act involved performing laps again & featured a lot of water running for this section. Overall, it was pretty fun but short. My main self-critque with this level is that I didn't really make each of the laps very unique. 

Sonic Colors (Wii): Aquarium Park Boss [S rank] | Reverofenola

The boss found in Sonic Colors' Aquarium Park. This boss fight was actually a tad bit easier than I expected since it only took me one try to complete it. Though this S rank somehow came across as an accident on my part. In addition, this fight didn't require me to attempt to earn any form of extra points by playing the drill wisp too much.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3): Apotos Night (Windmill Isle Act 1-3 DLC) | Revero...

Another level with Sonic The Werehog, This stage proved to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought. This is because the time prompts seemed to play a key role into scoring a lot of points. However, the issue shows up when the button prompts appear to be very fast.

Devil May Cry 1 HD Collection Mission 5 Guiding Of The Soul | Reverofenola

Mission Goal:

This is just a simple mission. The main theme surrounding this mission is that everything surrounds the number one. There is only one blue orb to collect, only really one skill I would recommend, and one enemy to face off against. The goal of it is to get to the destination shown in the mission screen before time runs out. The Melancholy Soul is only active for three minutes so the player will have a time limit before it wears off.

Skills/Items :Stinger Level 2

The only skill I would recommend is Stinger Level 2. This skill makes it easier to face off against the upcoming enemy (Shadow). Stinger Level 2 increases the range of the move which will always be helpful in the upcoming future. In addition, the last thing I purchased was a purple orb just for longer lasting devil trigger.

Enemy: Shadow

The only enemy you will face against is of course the Shadow. Just like in Mission 4 and the secret mission the main strategy is just to devil trigger, shoot until you see the core, and DT stinger twice until it glows red. Then after that just start running.

Blue Orbs

The blue orb is located on the tower on the floor above the door where you need to go. It is FRUSTRATING to obtain and requires a few well-timed wall-jumps to get it perfectly. Unfortunately this will NOT be the last the player has to before a well-timed jump. The player can also obtain some more red orbs and an Untouchable if they jump to the platform to the left. 


Devil May Cry 1 HD Collection Mission 9 New Strength | Reverofenola

Welcome to Mission 9 of my walkthrough of  Devil May Cry 1 for HD Collection on PS4. In this mission we obtain a new weapon, find some blue orb fragments, encounter the Blade enemies, and  face off against an optional boss.

New Enemy: Blades

The first group of enemies you will encounter will be the Blades. Blades are a pretty easy group of enemies to deal with IF you use the Grenade Launcher. Just shoot and roll. That was the main go to strategy whenever to use it. This is because rolling cancels out the knock-back or rather stagger animation whenever Dante shoots. Once you roll the player will immediately be able to shoot another grenade at the enemies.

New Weapon: Ifrit

Ifrit is honestly the best pair of gauntlets in the whole series in my honest opinion. It's flame element is useful against opponents like Frost. It has the BEST version of Kick 13 in the series. It even looks and feels more powerful to use once the player Devil Triggers with it too. It also comes with Inferno for if the player ever gets surrounded. In addition, it also has the best projectile move in the series as well since it's Meteor.

Boss (Optional): Griffon

The next boss you will face off against is Griffon. Griffon is not too difficult to fight against when compared to Phantom simply because you have more space. The main strategy I used in the fight was the Grenade Gun Roll which I talked about earlier. I even Devil Triggered a bit too in order to pull off more damage.

Now if you do NOT wish to face this boss you can just skip it. You can skip it through just using your gauntlets to light one of the empty segments next to the door. You will suffer no repercussions whatsoever if you do so. I only fought Griffon more orbs as well as to show off what you can do against him in a fight.

Blue Orb Fragments:

Unlike the previous mission there is only one blue orb fragment. You can obtain it immediatly after fighting against the Blades. The fragment is located under a tombstone on the right hand corner of the entrance to where you fought the Blades.


Devil May Cry 1 HD Collection Mission 8 The Legendary Knight Returns| Re...

This is Mission 8 of my walkthrough for Devil May Cry 1 for the PlayStation 4 on the HD collection.
Once again I buy no form of essentially abilities or power-ups simply because nothing cool or useful has really arrived yet. That being said I do manage to face off against a boss as well as find all of the blue orbs within this mission.

For starters, let's talk about the boss. In this mission, I face off against Phantom for the FINAL time. Admittedly I have been skipping out on those hallway encounters for this walkthrough mainly because I found no use for them. Even though I HAVE heard that is a great way to orb grind against this boss. Mainly because he keeps respawning in the hallways.

Anyway my main strategy in this fight was spamming helm breaker. If you manage to hit both his tail and his main body at the same time you manage to perform "double damage." This is because the game counts that as two different hitboxes.

There is even a faster way to kill this boss too. Where if the player manages to make Phantom jump on the glass floor roughly eight time he falls through the floor. Once he falls through the floor the cut scene triggers you would have defeated the boss. However, for this one I just wanted to keep it simple.

As for the blue orb there was only one found in this mission. Which is found in the water after you place the trident into the machine. Sadly there is only one blue orb found in this mission.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Level 1 Darkside | Reverofenola

A short introduction to the playlist that I will soon be creating for my channel. The playlist being my first level 1 run for Kingdom Hearts 3 on Critical Mode. It will be my 4th level 1 run on the channel too. Hopefully it will be pretty easy to accomplish since I BELIEVE there will be no difficult mini-games associated with completing the run (I'm looking at you Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Light Cycle).

In this video I faced off against Darkside. I'm glad I was capable of completing this boss with no deaths or retries attached to it. Mainly because I had heard that other individuals kept dying the first time they faced this boss when Critical Mode was announced for the update. Though unfortunately it will probably get even more difficult from here on out.


2 Broke Newbs Intro Podcast

This is the intro to a potential podcast both my friend and I recently started. This is the actual intro to it since we forgot to actually make one. Also we would like to apologize about the previous recording since we just now realized there was a lot of audio distortion within it. That being said be sure to check us out since we will be talking about comics, movies, tv shows, and our unpopular opinions surrounding them. P.S. our opinions are unpopular about them mainly because we are noobs at the respective subjects.

The Effects of Zantetsuken Part 4 "The Original" | Reverofenola

A look into one of the most overpowered (yet overlooked) moves you can use in the original Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advance. The name of this move is called Zantetsuken. Zantetsuken is a sleight that the player can use in game and when used enough times leads to the result seen in the short video above.

To perform the move Sora has to use three 0's or three 9's. After being used any enemy card that the opponent uses becomes unreloadable after it becomes card breaked by Zantetsuken. So, when used enough times the opponent eventually runs out of cards to use and is stuck just endless reloading until they defeated. It is also faster to wait until the opponent uses a sleight so that they can take care of 3 cards at once so that they can destroy the boss's deck faster.

Unfortunately there are downsides to this technique. For starters, this move requires a lot of patience and time. Plus, if the boss succeeds in using an elixir (or any type of potion/ether) it would be best to call it quits since that immediately refills their deck. 

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