10 Unpopular Opinions About Kingdom Hearts 1

Congratulations for clicking on this article today! Now I've realized my opinions about this series aren’t...well...popular. So I thought “hey” why not make an article about how I am "forever alone" in my opinions on a series that I grew up with. So without further ado my name is ReverofEnola and here are my unpopular opinions about Kingdom Hearts (particularly the first game).

Tech Points NEED To Return.

It is a real DAMN shame that tech points have not made a return since the first game. I really did love and enjoy those little guys. It made grinding much less of a hassle and it gave me something to abuse so that I can reach that exclusive level of 100 in this game. 

Gummi Ships Are Better In This Game.

Gummi Ships in this game are technically better than the sequel mainly because I am more likely to create a ship in this game and even glance at the gummi garage. The missions however suck though. Like collect all gummi blueprints or that one mission going from Hollow Bastion to Traverse Town without taking any damage. Like seriously Square lower your expectations. I mean do I need to show you my resume? You’re not going to find anything spectacular here so there’s no point in trying to look for something that isn’t there. 

Exploration was at its Peak Here.

While I will admit that the platforming in this game wasn’t amazing...I still enjoyed it because of the various exploration aspects the game had. Examples include puzzles, hidden treasures, trinity marks, and even the Dalmatian collection quest. All of these aspects helped remind me that are tons of reasons why the player should return to a world a after completing it. 

Magic System was OP and I miss it.

I really do miss the magic system from this game. Not because it made Sora overpowered (well that is a reason why I like it) but because it made Donald and Goofy more effective party members.

Donald in Kingdom Hearts 1 could cast defensive or offensive magic in a much better fashion & Goofy had his MP Gift ability as well Evolution (in the Final Mix version). However, in Kingdom Hearts 2 Donald’s magic is permanently stuck at level 1 and casting Cure wastes all of his magic. 

As for Goofy... well...I honestly don’t give a shit what you do in Kingdom Hearts 2 sadly. 

Aeroga > Reflectga

Sorry guys when it comes to Aero vs Reflect arguments I’m team Wind Waker all the way. 

Sora's personality was at its BEST

Even though he is a bit bland and sounds like he is reading from a script I really do prefer Sora’s personality in this game.

He comes across as a normal teenager. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he’s not an idiot. He is naive but with each world both him and the gang come across they learn something new. In Deep Jungle he learned about how hearts have bonds, in Olympus Coliseum he learns about strength of heart, and he was even capable of figuring out who the main villain was without getting his body snatched. Now that’s something you can put on your resume.  
Sure this does make him a bit bland but I still like this persona more. 

Where as in Kingdom Hearts 2 & Dream Drop Distance he comes across as more as a shounen anime protagonist. And in Chain of Memories, oh god, he was just a jerk or he was on his period throughout the whole game. Memory manipulation or not.

Sword is the WORST choice (Staff is the Best)

Picking anything that’s not the Sword is really the best thing you can do for Sora. Heck, as long as the player drops the Sword they are completely fine.

Hub Worlds NEED to Return

FrustratedJacob really did make a convincing argument about Hub Worlds in his “Top 10 Things Kingdom Hearts 3 needs video.” I’m fully convinced that Hub Worlds do need to return and Kingdom Hearts 1 really does perform this concept the best with Traverse Town.

Racing Riku SUCKS

I  HATE this race. This was biggest obstacle for me as a kid when I first played it. It took me two years to beat it and finally figure out this race was optional.

It's The BEST In The Series.

Kingdom Hearts 1 whether you are playing the Japanese version, NA version, Australian version, European version, the Final Mix, the 1.5 Edition, the 1.5+2.5 Edition. You get it. Kingdom Hearts 1 is really the BEST Kingdom Hearts game this series has made.

To me it is the only game which has a story which is just as entertaining as the gameplay. Meaning they are almost on equal levels in terms of fun. Which is kind of rare in this series. The gameplay also walks a fine line between Action and RPG (or JRPG). The other entries however are either too RPG like (which I’ll admit I’m a bit bias towards) or too FLASHY and Hack & Slack (which is not the direction I want the series to go in).

Thanks for checking out this article and be sure to check out my level 1 playlist for this game too.


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