Another Reason Why Kingdom Hearts 2's Prologue Sucks

Congrats for clicking on this article today! My name is Reverofenola and today we will be discussing a very very minor nitpick/very unpopular opinion that I have about Kingdom Heart 2’s prologue. Now one common complaint I hear about the prologue is that it is too long and yes I do agree with this. It’s fun the first time but going back to replay KH2, the prologue starts to snag on you a bit.  Like if they just took out the 2nd and 5th days you know the one with the jobs and the seven wonders the prologue would have been a bit better. However, that’s not what I’m here to complain about.

The Choices


No, the one minor nitpick that I have about the prologue isn’t that it’s long or confusing, or Axel’s character is completely different from it was established in Chain of Memories. Like seriously who the hell is this wuss. #NotmyAxel. The nitpick is the choices Roxas makes in the beginning of the game since they provide very little impact for the player.


In Kingdom Hearts 1, the player is presented with three options. These three options determined:
  1. The order Sora gains his abilities 
  2. Initial stats for strength and defense,
  3. Max MP gauge
  4. AP
  5. The # of item slots he has
  6. How fast (or how slow) he levels up.
In this sequel, the player is also given 3 options in the prologue however it only changes 3 things instead which is half of what KH1 did.

The first choice in the game determines whether or not Roxas gains a +1 in Strength/Magic/Defense (so you’re essentially picking a Power/Magic/Defense Boost which again only increases your one stat choice by well one point.) Where as in the first game, Sora’s strength could be as high as 6 or as low as 3.  Also his defense could be as high as 4 or as low as 1. Differences which are all well over the +1 thing KH2 had going on.

Plus, while your AP and MP stat increases are the same in both games (with the player gaining 2 +AP or an extra MP gauge).  The difference is in KH1 you are rewarded with these AP and MP differences as soon as you make your choices. Where as in KH2 you have to perform those extra jobs in order to gain that extra +2 AP.  Which even then is kind of counterbalanced if you’re playing Critical mode and you get to the 3rd day.

And finally the final choice you make in the prologue (which is at the station of awakening) ONLY determines the order in which Roxas/Sora gains their abilities (and not their initial stats or item slots). Which even then this choice of picking your weapon is counterbalanced by 4 factors later on in the game:

Bonus Level Ups


Level Ups automatically given to Sora whenever he completes a certain task or defeats a boss. Which means whether or not Roxas picked the Sword, Shield, or Staff Roxas ALWAYS learns Guard from defeating Twilight Thorn.

Abilities from Drive Forms


Other than Growth Abilities, Sora’s other abilities such as MP Rage or Form Boost are gained from leveling up his Drive Forms. Which means whether or not Roxas picked the Sword, Shield, or Staff Sora ALWAYS learns Combo Plus by leveling up Valor Form to level 3.



In this game, all Keyblades are given an ability attached with it. Meaning that there technically isn’t a best keyblade in the game since all of them can be used in specific situations when given the opportunity. While this is in fact very neat it STILL yet again undermines the choices you make at the beginning of the game. It also doesn’t help that most of the Keyblades’s abilities are the same abilities Sora gains via Level Up. Such as Fire Boost, Thunder Boost, Drive Converter, Jackpot, etc. These abilities can easily be replaced with a Keyblade. So even when you know that these abilities do in fact stack they still undermine the choices the player makes at the beginning.

Abilities From Level Up


What I mean is they are not all divided up that well.  Take Leaf Bracer for example an ability introduced in KH1FM which allowed you to spam and cheese the Sephiroth boss fight. In the first game Sora learned it at 27 (Dream Shield), 39 (Dream Staff), 69 (Dream Sword). In KH2, whether Roxas picked the Dream Sword, Staff, or Shield Sora ALWAYS learns it at Level. 20. Thus, again undermining the choices in the prologue as well.

Now some people might enjoy the way this was maintained especially when they play on Level 1 runs. But to me it comes across as either lazy (since Critical Mode and Level 1 runs weren’t introduced til the Final Mix) or they just did not think this through. It just felt like they kept the Station of Awakening choices in this game out of obligation. Like since this is KH2 (the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 1) we have to pull over some elements from the first game but not exactly improve  upon them (like they did with the writing in the Disney worlds). Just make them worse then how they were in the original.


Now once again this is my minor nitpick or unpopular opinion about this game. Which if you want to see more of I have a whole playlist for my unpopular opinions about both Kingdom Hearts as well as Sonic the Hedgehog. As well as other playlists showcasing my playthroughs through the games.
Thank you guys for watching be sure to subscribe, like, and comment how stupid I am for having this opinion. And be sure to turn on notification bells too. I promise not to spam your sub feed with my playthroughs and will only notify you of mods or unpopular opinions like this. Also if I do notify you of a playthrough video it just means that I finished the playlist for that game.

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