Kingdom Hearts 3 - Sora vs Aqua Boss Fight

Lol so this is actually a neat surprise! Now not only do we learn that Aqua is evil (whether she is Norted or a darkling is still up for debate) but that there is even going to be a boss fight with her! Though I am still a bit disappointed that we will not be using Riku for this fight. I mean Sora already has so much on his table what with him revisiting worlds and taking Xehanort's forces head on. This mission seemed more like a Riku one which gives even more screen time for the King and him to bond (similar to CoM).

The design of this fight also seems kind of neat too. This is because it seems to be more of a clone of the Phantom Aqua Boss Fights from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Fragmentary Passage. This is basically seen with her shooting those light orbs, teleporting, and summoning clones of herself. This also sort of makes this a bit more difficult for Sora since he won't have Aqua's barrier as block (which will cover all sides of him). In addition, Sora's combos sort of reminded less of 0.2 and more of Dream Drop Distance since it looked a bit more "floaty" and less combo heavy. Or rather maybe I'm just overestimating and the combo just looks too flashy.

Anyway part of me wants this to just be a beta test fight just for the hype. So the real one would actually be Riku & the King vs Aqua. Plus, Riku would at least have the Dark Barrier to cover his angles. However, with them using Sora in the fight probably means they will not have multiple playable characters in this fight or maybe they just have not created them yet. Either way this was a pretty informative video.

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