The Definitive Keyblade Tier List For Kingdom Hearts 1

Congrats for clicking on this article today! My name is Reverofenola and in this article I will be discussing what keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix do I consider to be really good or really just plain awful. In this tier list there is going to be five tiers which will be trash tier, mid tier, high tier, top tier, and ultima tier. And you guys can already guess what’s in the ultima tier. With this tier list aesthetics and the designs of Keyblades will not be considered in this list. Plus, I will be using the PS3/PS4 version as my go-to guide towards ranking these keyblades. Now warning I myself have unpopular opinions about various video game subjects so I honestly DO expect controversy with this list nor do I expect everyone to agree with this list either and that’s completely okay.  So let’s get this train-wreck started.

Trash Tier

Tier List Trash 2.0

Starting it off is Trash tier. Trash tier doesn’t really mean that the keyblade itself is really bad it’s just that usually by the time the player gets this keyblade there’s already much a better option for the player to get. Plus, most of these keyblades have several cons that honestly aren’t worth the effort.
These Keyblades are: Metal Chocobo, Oblivion, and One Winged Angel.

Now all of these keyblades share some form of similar traits mainly in being a long keyblade which increases your strength in exchange for MP. Which sounds good but kind of isn’t especially with how Final Mix loves MP usage.

What I mean is “strength” really should not be an all deciding factor in KH1 especially since the player can make Power Ups to increase said strength and once you hit the softcap you won’t be able to find any use for it.

Where as MP is a stat which has no MP ups can NEVER increase (aside from accessories) unless you pick the Staff at the beginning of the game for the extra 2 MP bars.

With these Keyblades they willingly choosing to exchange that limited MP for strength which puts them in the trash tier. Not to mention by the time you obtain any of these 3 keyblades there’s literally a much better version of that keyblade located in the same world and is most of the time already available for the player.

Now with One-Winged-Angel it’s a bit different. OWA’s best attribute is the fact that it can give a whopping +16 in strength whenever it performs a critical hit. Which is GREAT in theory except. A. OWA’s critical hit rate is really low like even with the Critical Pluses. At max you only have a 40% chance to perform an attack of that +16 added strength.

And finally B. and most importantly once the player’s strength reaches 55 or 61 for certain bosses they will be incapable of performing any type of critical hits against them due to that being the softcap. Which really sucks in OWA’s case due to how late in the game you get it.

Mid Tier

Tier List Mid 2.0
Next up is Mid Tier. Mid Tier is basically all of the other keyblades that do not have anything really terrible or anything REALLY good/exceptional. They are all just okayish to me. Like Birth By Sleep.

These keyblades are: Jungle King, Wishing Star, Pumpkin Head, Three Wishes, Kingdom Key, and Crabclaw.

Kingdom Key is really high on this tier because you have to use it through at least 3 worlds (Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, and Deep Jungle) with no other options to use. It’s handy, capable, but unfortunately not the best.

Three Wishes IMO feels like the first definitive upgrade to the Kingdom Key due to increasing your strength and recoil value to a good amount. Though not enough to put it in the next tier due to MP and how many worlds you it feels necessary in. Like it's only really useful in only Monstro and whichever of the two worlds (Atlantica or Halloween Town) you choose next. 

Jungle King and Pumpkinhead are kind of low on this tier mainly because they are similar to the trash tier without the MP decrease. They also provide that extra length for combos (which is later canceled out by the combo master ability introduced in 1.5). Thus, making keyblade length as an attribute sort of fruitless imo. Hence again the trash tier. Though its different here since I’m pretty sure that most fans will not have unlocked that ability yet at this point in the game. Thus, saving these 2 keyblades. Other than that I really wouldn’t use these keyblades for anything else.

Wishing Star is here solely for farming Black Fungus.

And finally there is Crabclaw. Like I really wanted to put this keyblade in the tier above it due to the balanced increase in both MP and strength. Thus, giving it a red mage/jack of all stats vibe. As a result this easily makes this keyblade the best on this tier. Halloween Town and Neverland are great worlds for this keyblade. But overall what keep its from going to HIGH Tier is just it easily gets outshined by practically everything else in the tier above. Hell, maybe this keyblade needs to be in its own tier.

High Tier

Tier List High 2.0
Following suit is High Tier. High Tier is basically NOT top tier. Since everything in the top tier is essentially the best (excluding yours truly), high tier basically has weaker versions of all those different keyblade in terms of recoil, magic, and strength.

The keyblades I chose were: Spellbinder, Olympia, Fairy Harp, and Oathkeeper.

Spellbinder is arguably the best on this tier to the +2 MP it gives the player which 3 keyblades in the whole game are capable of doing. Which gives the player more time to shotgun blizzard mooks in Atlantica, clear out rooms with thunder, and of course have an overall easier time fighting against the Final Mix exclusive Heartless. Plus, out of all the keyblades on this tier its the earliest one the player can get.

Olympia is here mainly due to the Riku boss fights at Hollow Bastion. Equipping Counterattack really just changes that fight into just mashing X due to this keyblade having one of the highest recoil values. Plus, it does so without decreasing the player’s overall MP. Unlike Metal Chocobo.

And as you might have guessed this keyblade is the main reason why Metal Chocobo is in the trash tier. Since you get at the same world at the same tournament. They both have the same recoil value, Olympia is stronger, doesn’t decrease your MP, and has a better crit rate and crit bonus. Which is funny Olympia was nerfed in Final Mix yet still manages to kick this keyblade’s ass.

Fairy Harp and Oathkeeper there’s not too much to say. Both are better version of Crabclaw and its cool take Fairy Harp to do the Hercules Cup with it. Though the two of are pretty balanced with increased strength and +1 MP they both still get outshined by other keyblades on this tier or High Tier especially Oathkeeper. However, you want a balanced approach I would recommend these guys. Just don’t make them your main keyblade for either visit to Hollow Bastion.

Top Tier

Tier List Top 2.0

Finally Top Tier. The best of the best of keyblades (disregarding yours truly again) and any of these I would recommend you finish the game with. Hell, you probably already have.

Starting it off is Lady Luck. Comes with most of the benefits of Spellbinder but with an increase in strength. Gives you more MP to cast Cure or have a longer effect with Stop/Aero and is great against the Phantom boss fight. It’s the go to Keyblade for magic and is the keyblade you want to use until Diamond Dust. Overall this is the keyblade I would recommend storming Hollow Bastion with on any visit. Especially when you do it with Gravity in your arsenal.

Next is of course Divine Rose. Divine Rose got a big buff in this game what with now being the 2nd strongest strength wise. It is one of 2 keyblades with a recoil of 60 meaning its great for deflecting attacks as well. And once again it does not decrease your MP in exchange for strength.

Unlike Oblivion which yeah you guessed it Divine Rose IS the main reason as to why Oblivion is in the trash tier. It has better strength, recoil, and it makes up for its short reach with combo master. Plus, you get both keyblades on your second visit to Hollow Bastion.

Then there is Lionheart. Lionheart again is the best balanced keyblade on this list plus it is three points weaker than Divine Rose. Though it makes up for that by giving the player an extra MP gauge. Overall its great, its balanced, and I would recommend fighting Kurt Zisa with it. Though I guess a con would be having to face off against Leon and Cloud to get it.

AND FINALLY DIAMOND DUST. The "ultima" weapon when it comes magical attacks since it is the only keyblade in the game that adds a whopping +3 to the player’s MP bar. Which is glorious. Need help with timed tournaments? Diamond Dust, Phantom Secret Boss?, Diamond Dust, Farming Serenity Powers? Diamond Dust. Need help with a room full of mooks? Diamond Dust, Diamond Dust, Diamond Dust.

I almost put this weapon in the Ultima Tier but I guess Ultima Weapon is a bit more versatile. Oh yeah and this keyblade is also kind of a major reason as to why OWA is in the trash tier too. This AND Divine Rose.

Ultima Tier

Tier List Ultima
Ultima Tier just consists of the Ultima Weapon in general. To me it is without a doubt the most versatile keyblade in the game due to how many uses it has and how it basically just takes the best aspects from all the keyblades.

I mean it has the reach of One Winged Angel, its stronger than Divine Rose, the recoil of Olympia, the MP increase from Lady Luck, and even the crit bonus of Pumpkin Head.

It can be used in all types of boss fights and is great for timed tournaments and farming serenity powers (though not as great as Diamond Dust).

The only MAJOR con in which anyone will tell you about this keyblade is of course getting it. Since it requires the player to synthesize around 33 items in final mix (as opposed to the original 24 in KH1) and this includes farming from the FM exclusive heartless too. Which is mostly based on luck and is more than likely going to up the player’s level to like the 70’s or even 90’s. Thus, rendering sort of fruitless and most fans usually finish the game without it. Hence why it's okay to consider the Ultima Tier as its own separate tier rather than a tier above everything else.

And IMO that’s cool since there is REALLY no boss in this game that really requires the Ultima Weapon. Though it's cool to have for bragging rights.


In conclusion, thanks for checking out this article. If you want to see more Kingdom Hearts 1 stuff I do have a Kingdom Hearts level 1 playlist you should probably check out.
AND if that’s not your cup of tea I still have plenty of Sonic videos you can watch.

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