Unpopular Opinions About Sonic Adventure

Congrats for clicking on this article today! My name is Reverofenola and after my 10 unpopular opinions concerning  Kingdom Hearts 1 (which you should probably check out if you like Kingdom Hearts). I decided to make another one this time concerning Sonic Adventure. Which I know is pretty difficult in the Sonic Fanbase since there is a lot of varied opinions so it’s hard to discern which exactly is unpopular but I gave it the old college try. So basically here they are.

Tails is the BEST playable character in this game

His flying mechanic is broken similar to the classics, most of his levels (aside from Ice Cap Zone) contain the best parts and are shorter. Plus, Tails, unlike Sonic and Knuckles, actually made me like Sky Deck.

Now Sonic is obviously a close second what with his spindash but Tails wins the race for me at the end of the day. See what I did there? 

Catching Froggy Is Easy

I can usually catch Froggy in like around 90 seconds. I mean does fishing fit in with Sonic? No. However, it really shouldn’t be something you should throw your controller over.

Although, doing his other missions like catching 1,000 gram fish or even worse catching a 2,000 gram fish. THAT is something you should throw your controller over because those missions ESPECIALLY the catching of the 2,000 gram fish are really fucking difficult. In fact speaking of these levels...

Amy's Levels Are Worse...

Big’s levels are obviously bad and I do not wish for them to return in future Sonic games that being said Amy’s levels are worse. 
I get that she just plays like a slower Sonic but more platform heavy but some of her levels ,like Hot Shelter, last way too long for my taste. Plus, her jumping is a tad bit weird and she takes a while to pick up speed.

Twinkle Park SUCKS

Ever since I played this game on the original Dreamcast Twinkle Park was always the level I got stuck on. And when I went back to replay it over a year ago the first level I died on was you guessed Twinkle freaking Park.

What kills the level for me so much is just the beginning part with the go karts. I hate the controls and the jump panels.

Individually...the story is pretty great.

Each of the character’s stories gives more depth and characterization towards them. With Tails learning he can be a hero by himself and Amy learning not to rely on Sonic that much either.

It’s only when you try to combine the stories and try to get a real narrative from it is where it starts to look weird.

DX is better because of  skippable cutscenes.

DX is superior to the Dreamcast version not because of the mods, not because of Metal Sonic but because you can skip the freaking cutscenes. 
I mean yeah Adventure is good game and all but there is only so many “Something bugging you’s” you can take. And considering Adventure reuses a lot of the same cutscenes because of different perspectives (although they do have different dialogue) there’s only so much you can take.

Also the Dreamcast version has this weird music thing where it stops and load up again whenever you leave an area like here.

Best representation of the Classics in 3D.

Sonic Adventure, out of all the 3D Sonic games as of this date, is honestly the  closest representation of the 2D classics put into 3D.
And it does so without using 2D sections or too much nostalgia pandering.

I’ll leave that alone because I feel like that should be explained in another article all by itself.

STILL one of my Favorites to play.

Sonic Adventure DX version or not is still one of my favorite Sonic games (it's in my top 5 Sonic games) to date despite the “whole it hasn’t aged well or it has aged poorly argument.”
I still go back and replay this game to this date and fun with it.
Now am I saying that the complaints about this game are unwarranted or dumb or mistaken?

No, they are completely legit as long they have evidence and recent experience with it to back it up. Because as much as I love this game there are faults to it and to some people those faults ruin the experience for them and that’s completely okay. Video game tastes aren’t that different from food tastes after all.

Thank you guys for reading and be sure to watch my Sonic Adventure playlist or my unpopular opinions concerning Kingdom Hearts 1!


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