In Defense Of Sonic Adventure 2's Treasure Hunting ft. Tips

Congrats for clicking on this article today. My name is Reverofenola and in this article for my unpopular opinions I will be defending the treasure hunting levels. There have not been seeing too many videos or articles out there defending the treasuring hunting levels in Sonic Adventure 2. Common complaints include they take too long, the radar’s broken, Sonic Adventure 1’s treasure hunting levels were better and of course they are part of the ⅔’s that’s wrong with SA2. However, I am here to say that not all of the levels are that dreadful (except for one) and that there is certain strat the player can use to help them.

Character Control

I mentioned this in my Sonic Adventure 2 unpopular opinions video but ,in my opinion, Knuckles and Rouge feel better equipped for the treasure hunting levels in this game than compared Knuckles in Sonic Adventure.

Not that Sonic Adventure 1 Knuckles is bad to play as or hard to control it’s just that both he and even Tails (SA1), by extension, out of all the 3D Sonic games play the most like their classic versions. Meaning there Sonic Adventure 1 counterparts feel better suited for Sonic designed level where their objective is to just reach the goal or free the animals. 

For example, even if you modded or cheated them into a Sonic designed stage they feel as if they sort of belong there even if they are a bit OP. Hell they even have a spin attack to accommodate them just like in the classics to gain speed when going down a hill.

Sonic Adventure 2 Knuckles and Rouge, on the other hand, feel better designed for the treasure hunting because they lose some of these traits as well as some others. For example, you can now dig while gliding or on a wall, you no longer have that awkward 2 button combination to dig, you can attack  while running, you can even swim, and even obtain upgrades that better suit the treasure hunting mechanics. HELL even the gliding feels less clunky that it did in Sonic Adventure 1.

The point is if you mod these guys into a Speed level in SA2 they feel out of place. They don’t have a homing attack, they can’t grind, or even use the light speed dash. Thus, making them stand out. 

"Broken Radar" and Level Design

A lot of complaints that you have probably heard about the radar is that it's broken and that most players have to wander around find the piece. Which is something that I used to struggle with too. But here’s the thing though the game DOES in fact help the player find the missing emerald pieces, keys, or chaos emeralds NOT in the form of the hint monitors (although those do in fact help) but in the form of the level design. Think about it. You the player are always searching for three missing things in a level. Ever wonder why the level design is divided into three sections? 

What I mean is...take Wild Canyon for example. Whenever, you start the level there’s always a great chance that each of the three emerald pieces are located in three distinct locations. One to the left, one to the right, and another in the center. Three distinct locations in the level. If the player finds an emerald piece to the far left that means there are no more emerald pieces located in that leftish section anymore and they should proceed to check the right and centerish locations then. Dry Lagoon even follows this pattern as well. Since there are really three distinct locations for them.

Now I know that you might be thinking that since these are the first levels anyone could find the emerald pieces. This is because they were designed to be a lot more easier so that the player can get a stronger foothold as to how the rest of the levels will play.

Well the other levels technically follow this logic as well. Pumpkin Hill has 3 mountains, Death Chamber and by extension Egg Quarters has 3 chambers, Aquatic Mine and even Meteor Herd have 3 levels to it what with there being a very top, a middle section, and the very bottom. The level design is there to complement the various pieces you are searching for.

Even Security Hall with its 5 minute time limit (which is plenty of time) follows this logic too with an emerald to the left, an emerald to the right, and one at the very top.

Hard Mode

Well  if you’ve used the knowledge I’ve just told you to get A ranks on the various Treasure Hunting levels (or rather only missions 1 & 4). Congrats you have made it to Mission 5 which is easy mode?

You see unlike the first or fourth missions in Sonic Adventure 2 all the emerald piece locations on Hard Mode are ALWAYS located in the exact same locations no matter how many times you retry the level. Thus, in a way giving the player a kind of brake.

Also if you noticed most of the emerald piece locations on Hard Mode follow the rhythm that I mentioned earlier. Thus, proving that there is some form of tactic to using the level design to your advantage.

Mad Space

Okay fair points but what about Mad Space? Okay you got me there Mad Space sucks. I can defend most of the other levels. But I will never defend Mad Space. The level is over a hazardous pit, it’s REALLY big, it’s tough to get around, AND it has gravity gimmicks. The main thing that ruins SA2 levels for me.

However, if I were to be more specific Mad Space does not follow the rules to the strategy which I mentioned earlier. In short it is pretty hard to divide Mad Space up into 3 distinct sections. The level DOES have 3 different asteroids (the green tube one, the gravity one, and the half moon one) located on it however they do NOT follow the protocol. This is because emerald pieces have been known to show up in the upper section as well as the bottom of the level where those asteroids are not located.

I've also theorized that the emerald pieces are divided up based on Mad Space having a top, medium, and bottom section. This is because Meteor Herd is the space level for Knuckles and it is divided up into that a top, medium, and bottom section too. So one would think that Mad Space would work the same too. After all, Mad Space technically does have a top (anything above the asteroids), medium (the asteroids themselves), and bottom (everything below the asteroids) section too. In addition this video that I recorded seems to prove this theory correct.

Though unfortunately this is FALSE. On my channel when I did Mission 4 of Mad Space there were actually TWO emerald pieces located in the asteroids section (middle) and none were located at the very bottom unfortunately.

If this article helped you in anyway be sure to share it and subscribe to my channel. Also check out my Sonic Adventure 2 All A ranks playlist which is where I got most of the footage from. What are your thoughts about this strategy
and have actually tried to implement it recently?


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