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    Find out a popular theory as to Why Shadow Looks Like Sonic and how the developers.

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Why Shadow Looks Like Sonic

Congrats for clicking on this article today! My name is Reverofenola and today we are going to discuss a fairly popular yet underrated theory/headcanon which has been around since Sonic Adventure 2 has been here. The theory simply explains why Shadow the Hedgehog even looks like or resemblances our blue hedgehog. And the answer to that is...

Shadow = Mural in Hidden Palace Zone of S3K. 

In it of course the mural sort of foreshadows the boss fight in which Super Sonic will eventually have to face Eggman in Doomsday Zone. HOWEVER, Gerald could have seen this exact same mural and seen it as him being destined to create the ultimate life form. With the Egg shaped being representing Gerald himself or the Ark and the hedgehog representing the ultimate life form or Shadow.

The main evidence for this is because Professor Gerald took a lot of inspiration from the Echidna civilization. You can see this mainly through the various characteristics found aboard the Ark which are similar to what’s found in the Echidna Civilization. For example:

The Master Emerald Shrine lookalike found on the Ark. I mean it even functions and acts the same way as the real one. As seen by the way it responds to the chaos emeralds, the master emerald and even Knuckles to an extent..

Then there is Lost World’s Giant Snake and Water Tunnel which are oddly similar or connected to the Giant Snake Tunnel found in the last section of Cannon’s Core.

And finally there are the Chaos Zero enemies which are named after Chaos himself and their heads all look like Chaos Zero.

Biolizard = Perfect Chaos Mural

This theory also not only explains why Shadow looks like Sonic but in turn sort of explains why Gerald went from creating a Giant Lizard to small but powerful little hedgehog in his pursuit for creating the Ultimate Lifeform. Since if Shadow was based off of the S3K mural then Biolizard would have been based off of the Perfect Chaos mural found in Sonic Adventure. Which in turn would explain its lizard or dragon like design.

Super Sonic = Ultimate Lifeform

Alright so if you play the FinalHazard boss fight and you get to the 4 minute mark and you are playing as Super Sonic you will hear this quote…

This is Shadow (of all people) confirming that Sonic (or more specifically his super form) IS the ultimate life form. Which in turn sort of confirms this mural theory as well as the fact that Gerald probably told Shadow what he was based off of.


I honestly didn’t know where to put this info. Because it kind of helps my case but it kind of doesn’t either but I’m just going to use it anyway. So the Biolizard’s scream that you hear during the cutscenes is actually a heavily pitched version of Sonic and Shadow screaming in Japanese.

So basically they took this scream...and this scream...and made this one...which is really neat and kind of proves how related these three are. I mean obviously Shadow is related to the Biolizard because they are basically siblings and Shadow looking like Sonic explains the relation between those guys. However, what relationship do Sonic and the Biolizard have? Maybe their connection to mural or to what the real ultimate life form (aka Super Sonic).

Either way I am happy that Sonic Team and SEGA did this back in the day. And it’s nice that they put this bit of lore information together. Kind of proves that they may have actually had somewhat of a talent for storytelling back then. Anywho I’m not the first person to come up with this theory. Like I said it’s been around on forums and threads for years and I thought it would be quite interesting to make a video on it


Anyway that basically wraps up this video. And I PROMISE that the next video I upload will be a Kingdom Hearts video. And if you’re looking for more Sonic content I have SHIT LOADS of Sonic games and Kingdom Hearts on this channel. Whether from a walkthrough kind or a discussion kind like my unpopular opinion series with Sonic and Kingdom Hearts.

This is reverofenola signing out. Ciao.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Cannon's Core Mission 5 -Hard Mode- (A Rank)

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