Noobs Talk About The Venom Movie

Congrats for clicking on this article today! This video in particular is basically where my friend and I give our INITIAL impressions about the Venom movie before actually watching it. Now SPOILER ALERT! Both of us are NOT technically professional pros when it comes to not only podcasting but also to who exactly Venom is. So do not expect some sort of professional in-depth discussion between fanboys.

From my perspective I thought the movie would be pretty average. Particularly when compared to the various other Spiderman/Sony movies. It would be worse than Spiderman 2 and 1. Though at the same time it would also be superior to any of the Amazing Spider-man movies AND Homecoming as well. Though I was worried the movie itself would technically suffer a a bit since their was no Spider-man in it. 

My friend O ,on the the other hand, had a few different thoughts. For starters, he searched up the initial movie reviews for the Venom movie. Which is not only very nerdy of him but also kind of proves how he sort of goes with the flow. Mainly in how he needs to listen to other peoples' opinions first before he actually forms is own. EVEN before watching the movie This is something I honestly could never do since I hold unpopular opinions about a wide variety of topics. Plus, it's more enjoyable to form your own opinions and initial impressions first before looking up what everybody else thought.

Also take special notice to the background music used in the video. It's actually an instrumental version of Eminem's "Venom" sound from his Kamikaze album and just like I mentioned in the video it is arguably his best song from the album. "Good Guy also deserves special mentioning as well. 

So overall it will be a good but average movie. Plus, I would consider it better than Homecoming.

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