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The Effects of Zantetsuken Part 4 "The Original" | Reverofenola

A look into one of the most overpowered (yet overlooked) moves you can use in the original Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advance. The name of this move is called Zantetsuken. Zantetsuken is a sleight that the player can use in game and when used enough times leads to the result seen in the short video above.

To perform the move Sora has to use three 0's or three 9's. After being used any enemy card that the opponent uses becomes unreloadable after it becomes card breaked by Zantetsuken. So, when used enough times the opponent eventually runs out of cards to use and is stuck just endless reloading until they defeated. It is also faster to wait until the opponent uses a sleight so that they can take care of 3 cards at once so that they can destroy the boss's deck faster.

Unfortunately there are downsides to this technique. For starters, this move requires a lot of patience and time. Plus, if the boss succeeds in using an elixir (or any type of potion/ether) it would be best to call it quits since that immediately refills their deck. 

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