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Mission Goal:

This is just a simple mission. The main theme surrounding this mission is that everything surrounds the number one. There is only one blue orb to collect, only really one skill I would recommend, and one enemy to face off against. The goal of it is to get to the destination shown in the mission screen before time runs out. The Melancholy Soul is only active for three minutes so the player will have a time limit before it wears off.

Skills/Items :Stinger Level 2

The only skill I would recommend is Stinger Level 2. This skill makes it easier to face off against the upcoming enemy (Shadow). Stinger Level 2 increases the range of the move which will always be helpful in the upcoming future. In addition, the last thing I purchased was a purple orb just for longer lasting devil trigger.

Enemy: Shadow

The only enemy you will face against is of course the Shadow. Just like in Mission 4 and the secret mission the main strategy is just to devil trigger, shoot until you see the core, and DT stinger twice until it glows red. Then after that just start running.

Blue Orbs

The blue orb is located on the tower on the floor above the door where you need to go. It is FRUSTRATING to obtain and requires a few well-timed wall-jumps to get it perfectly. Unfortunately this will NOT be the last the player has to before a well-timed jump. The player can also obtain some more red orbs and an Untouchable if they jump to the platform to the left. 


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