Devil May Cry 1 HD Collection Mission 8 The Legendary Knight Returns| Re...

This is Mission 8 of my walkthrough for Devil May Cry 1 for the PlayStation 4 on the HD collection.
Once again I buy no form of essentially abilities or power-ups simply because nothing cool or useful has really arrived yet. That being said I do manage to face off against a boss as well as find all of the blue orbs within this mission.

For starters, let's talk about the boss. In this mission, I face off against Phantom for the FINAL time. Admittedly I have been skipping out on those hallway encounters for this walkthrough mainly because I found no use for them. Even though I HAVE heard that is a great way to orb grind against this boss. Mainly because he keeps respawning in the hallways.

Anyway my main strategy in this fight was spamming helm breaker. If you manage to hit both his tail and his main body at the same time you manage to perform "double damage." This is because the game counts that as two different hitboxes.

There is even a faster way to kill this boss too. Where if the player manages to make Phantom jump on the glass floor roughly eight time he falls through the floor. Once he falls through the floor the cut scene triggers you would have defeated the boss. However, for this one I just wanted to keep it simple.

As for the blue orb there was only one found in this mission. Which is found in the water after you place the trident into the machine. Sadly there is only one blue orb found in this mission.


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