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Welcome to Mission 9 of my walkthrough of  Devil May Cry 1 for HD Collection on PS4. In this mission we obtain a new weapon, find some blue orb fragments, encounter the Blade enemies, and  face off against an optional boss.

New Enemy: Blades

The first group of enemies you will encounter will be the Blades. Blades are a pretty easy group of enemies to deal with IF you use the Grenade Launcher. Just shoot and roll. That was the main go to strategy whenever to use it. This is because rolling cancels out the knock-back or rather stagger animation whenever Dante shoots. Once you roll the player will immediately be able to shoot another grenade at the enemies.

New Weapon: Ifrit

Ifrit is honestly the best pair of gauntlets in the whole series in my honest opinion. It's flame element is useful against opponents like Frost. It has the BEST version of Kick 13 in the series. It even looks and feels more powerful to use once the player Devil Triggers with it too. It also comes with Inferno for if the player ever gets surrounded. In addition, it also has the best projectile move in the series as well since it's Meteor.

Boss (Optional): Griffon

The next boss you will face off against is Griffon. Griffon is not too difficult to fight against when compared to Phantom simply because you have more space. The main strategy I used in the fight was the Grenade Gun Roll which I talked about earlier. I even Devil Triggered a bit too in order to pull off more damage.

Now if you do NOT wish to face this boss you can just skip it. You can skip it through just using your gauntlets to light one of the empty segments next to the door. You will suffer no repercussions whatsoever if you do so. I only fought Griffon more orbs as well as to show off what you can do against him in a fight.

Blue Orb Fragments:

Unlike the previous mission there is only one blue orb fragment. You can obtain it immediatly after fighting against the Blades. The fragment is located under a tombstone on the right hand corner of the entrance to where you fought the Blades.


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