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    Welcome to my personal gaming blog filled with unpopular opinions, discussions, and possibly walkthroughs too..

  • Why Shadow Looks Like Sonic

    Find out a popular theory as to Why Shadow Looks Like Sonic and how the developers.

  • Defending SA2's Treasuring Hunting

    Discover why I still enjoy Sonic Adventure 2's Treasure Hunting levels why they are not as bad as people claim.

  • The Definitive Keyblade Tier List

    Find out what is the definitive keyblade tier list for Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix and its remasters.

Sonic Colors (Wii): Aquarium Park Boss [S rank] | Reverofenola

The boss found in Sonic Colors' Aquarium Park. This boss fight was actually a tad bit easier than I expected since it only took me one try to complete it. Though this S rank somehow came across as an accident on my part. In addition, this fight didn't require me to attempt to earn any form of extra points by playing the drill wisp too much.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3): Apotos Night (Windmill Isle Act 1-3 DLC) | Revero...

Another level with Sonic The Werehog, This stage proved to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought. This is because the time prompts seemed to play a key role into scoring a lot of points. However, the issue shows up when the button prompts appear to be very fast.

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