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    This is my boss fight against the FIEND known as Red Rider found in Shin Megami Tensei IV on my Neutral path played on normal mode. This fight is rare for a few reasons. The first being that this is a FIEND boss fight meaning that the player has roughly 1/256 chance of even encountering this bad boy. The second reason is that this is one of the few FIEND boss fights which is exclusive to an alignment path with the other one being Trumpeter (who is only found on Neutral & Law paths).

Location & How To Fight Him

    As mentioned before this fight is exclusive to an alignment route (in this case Neutral) & can only be found after you acquired the ID card Lv3 from fighting all 4 Devas in the Tokyo Pass Quest. The player then has to take the elevator of Kasumigaeseki (the elevator to the most left after you enter the area from the map) & run to the door at the far end of the hallway to fight Red Rider. Be warned that you will need 100 in your luck stat in order to even open the door.  

    The player will then have to save outside the elevator & keep running back and forth until they receive the message above in order to fight him. Reminder that this fight has a 1/256 chance of occurring so it will take a long while before he pops up. Each time he does not show up load up your save slot from outside the elevator. This is because FIENDS only have a chance of popping up everytime the player loads up a save slot.

Preparation & Fight


    Before you actually fight this FIEND be sure to come prepared. Have several demons in your party have access to buffs/debuffs, Bufu skills, healing skills, & even Endure/Enduring Soul too. 
    Red Rider is weak to Bufu skills hence why it's really useful to have several of your party members have access to it since it gives the player more press turns. When it comes to debuffing him, one should only debuff to "-2" instead of "-3" since that would trigger him into using Dekunda (just like with all Fiends). Though the player can buff themselves to +3. That is IF Red Rider will allow them to since he uses a lot of War Cries & Antichthons.

    Another important factor to keep in mind is to have at least 1 (maybe 2) demons who can absorb Agi skills. This way Red Rider will potentially lose press turns every time they use Trisagion or Maragidyne on the party. Be warned that you should NOT bring a full party who is immune to Agi skills otherwise he will go into an almighty spam which will NOT be good especially since he has six press turns. In addition, Red Rider is already much well known to spam Antichthons already even without this trigger.

    Other skills which would be useful would be Healingknowhow & Endure & Enduring Soul, & Invitation. Healingknowhow is a skill which gives the demon access to all of the player's items. Items which include Dekunda/Dekaja stones, Mp restoring items, & even HP/revival items too. All of which would be really beneficial to demons who do not have a very large MP pool to begin with (like Metatron or Surt) but instead have a large HP pool. Endure/Enduring Soul are also cool skills to have since they revive your demon immediately after they get killed. Plus, Invitation allows the demon to bring back a demon who has died & bring them back into the party all for just one turn.


    If the player manages to defeat Red Rider based on the tips above they will then be rewarded x10 Incenses for EVERY stat. They will then be able to fuse Red Ride in the Cathedral of Shadows. Though they will already have needed to defeated other Fiends (particularly Whiter Rider & Matador).  

    I hope this guide & YouTube video was helpful in your quest in fighting all of the Fiends in this game. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well as my walkthrough of all of the bosses found in Shin Megami Tensei IV too!


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